Saturday, August 25, 2012

The laundry room makeover! New floor!

My hubby and I are in the midst of a laundry room/mud room makeover. A lot of little projects are going on and some big ones to make this space more functional and of course more stylish. Here are some before shots.
Blah! Yucky! My first "big project" Is the floor. It is vinyl and it it completely ruined and stained from all of the muddy boots and shoes going in and out. I wanted something more durable and darker. so I found this Awesome tile at the local big box store...
It was literally the first one I saw. Perfect! And on sale... even better!
I have to say that on our own, my hubby and I might not have been so brave as to try laying a tile floor on our own. My Father-in-law was a professional so we asked him to help us out! (I cannot tell you how gratefull I am to have him around! Thanks, Dad!) So, the hubby and I ripped out the old floor with the help of our Youngest son! Ha! And together, The hubby and the Father-in-law put in the new tile.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun hair color!

I had so much fun working on Kaylee's hair today!! She wanted some vivid peek-a-boo highlights in her hair and I was excited that she called to have me put them in! I think it looks great! Maybe I should do some vivid colors again!?!?! I put in purple, pink and teal!

Spray Painting Switch Plates! Easy and Cheap Home Update!!!

I bought another can of rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint. I really love this stuff! I can update things in the house so inexpensively!! My hubby and I were tiring of the plain switch plate covers and the vent covers on the main floor. We wanted to change them from plain white to the oil rubbed bronze. Well... It was $10.97 at home depot for one switch plate cover in oil rubbed bronze! No way! I really didn't think it would cost over $100 to do this simple update. So I was bummed. Then, my hubby said, "why don't we spray paint them like you did for the light fixtures?"
Awesome!!! So I paid $7.28 for the can of spray paint and got all of the covers done! I love it!