Scrabble tile pillows DIY

My good friend, Andrea, came to me with an idea of making these cute pillows that she saw online. Pillows that look like scrabble tiles. We got together to make them and they turned out super cute!
She bought 4 pillow forms, fabric enough to make covers, and matching thread. I had the sewing machine ready, the cricut machine set up an we were ready to go.
First, we measured out all of our pieces. Andrea decided that she wanted to have an envelope back on the pillows so that they would be easy to remove for washing. To learn more about making an envelope back, check this out: Sew envelope back pillows!. So we cut 4 squares for the front panels, then 8 pieces for the envelope back panels. Then, we sewed them together on the machine.
Once the pillow cases were constructed, we cut out the letters on freezer paper using the cricut machine. To learn about freezer paper stenciling check this out: Freezer paper stenciling. Using the freezer paper cutouts as stencils, we sprayed the fabric paint onto the pillow covers. It took about an hour for the paint to dry. I think they turned out so awesome! Great job on a sewing project, Andrea!