Friday, June 5, 2015

Kitchen Makeover: New Granite Counter Tops in the Kitchen!

The kitchen makeover begins!
Where to start? That was the question for me. There is so much I'd like to change in this kitchen but I can't do it all at once. So we figured that new counters would give us a different look and pave the way for future projects!  The original counter tops were just your regular-everyday laminate... 12 years old and a light beige color... kind of off- whitish. They have served their purpose for the last 12 years. It was time for them to go.

This is the BEFORE
I quick snapped a picture before the installers ripped out the old counter tops!
And here is the AFTER!

The color we chose was called black pearl. It was so hard for me to imagine the way it would look in the kitchen from only seeing this tiny piece. I love the way it turned out with the straight edges and the rounded corners. The way it looks makes me want to redo everything in the kitchen to look as awesome as the new counter tops do!

Green Butterflies

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Clever Kitchen Storage Solution! Tilt-out Sink Front Drawer

I am always looking for somewhere to stash my dishwashing accessories (a.k.a the kitchen sponge, dish rag, and drain stopper.) All those things are always sitting around the edge of my sink cluttering up the counter, or tossed in the bottom of the sink, under dishes where they can't be found when needed.
Now, thanks to a little trip to the home improvement store, I stumbled upon this solution! Tilt out Sink front drawer!!!!
I found a kit that comes with everything that is needed to turn the "fake drawer" into a useful storage space! The best part- It was under $20 bucks! 
It only took about 30 minutes. The directions were very easy to follow.
The fake drawers in the bathrooms... beware... You are next!