Men's T-shirt to Tank Top Refashion with Crochet!

I saw this idea on pintrest. The directions are HERE. From a blog called Designs by Studio C
This inspired me to make a new tank top from a men's t-shirt on this yucky April (Winter Go Away Already!!!) Day.
Things you will need:
Men's T-shirt
Good Fitting tank top- to use as pattern.
Sewing Machine and Thread
Crochet hook
Needle and thread
(For a no sew option... just use a tank top that fits you and you can skip the first few steps, just go on to where you mark the design out on the tank!)
 First I found a tank that fits how I want this new tank to fit. I turned the t-shirt inside out. Next, lined up the tank to the men's shirt I had.

 Then, I started cutting the shape of the tank. First, I cut the bottom. Then, I cut the sides open and the arms off.

 Next, I cut the neck.  This is where the sewing comes in... Two quick seams up the sides to get the top to be fitted.

OK... Now you will have a basic tank, but this could be done on any style tank. Using a ruler, or your eye, mark lines to make the cuts.

You can go in any design pattern you like. I chose some straight lines.

 Cut slits along the lines, I made mine just under an inch wide and about a quarter of an inch apart.
Take your crochet hook and insert under 2 of the first slits. Pull the 2nd slit under the 1st.
Now you have a loop on your hook. Insert your hook under the next slit and pull it through the loop on your hook. Continue this until you get to the last slit. Stitch the last loop down to keep it from unraveling.

Do this to all of the slits you cut until you are finished with the entire design. Here is how mine turned out. I am going to make more!!! It was easy and I like how the design looks!

I am definitely going to be doing this again. I would not recommend crocheting all the way to the bottom as this has caused the edge of the tank not to lay just right.  Stopping the slits about 2 inches away from the edge will help it lay better!


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