Thursday, November 16, 2017

From Outdated to Farmhouse: Sideboard Upcycle

From Outdated to Farmhouse: Sideboard Upcycle

The dining set that I finished early this fall had a sideboard/buffet that came along with it. The piece was in great condition and I really love the idea of having a sideboard in the dining room for storage. You can check out the original post about the dining set makeover HERE
This sideboard needed some work to bring it into my vision and this decade so I'm giving it its own post to show all the steps!

This is a before shot of the sideboard. It is in great condition... the doors and drawers all work fine! The hard ware and the carving on the drawer fronts needs to go. So, the first step is to remove all the hardware including the hinges. All those pieces would be replaced later. Then. the doors were taken off and the drawers removed.

The top surface was then sanded down to bare wood.  Next it was stained in Carbon Gray wood stain and finished with a few coats of wipe on Polyurethane. The rest of the body was then painted a country gray calk paint, then wiped down with a dark glaze. It was then finished with a matte polyacrlic.

The drawer fronts were carved into pretty deep. So, to get them to be a nice flat drawer front, I had to fill the carved parts with wood filler. Once the wood filler was dry, it was sanded smooth by hand with a sanding block. This process had to be repeated 3 times to get the drawer fronts to look smooth because the carving was really deep and intricate. Then, the drawers got painted with the same chalk paint. When the paint dried I could still see where I had filled the carvings. So, I took a sanding block and lightly sanded the paint and put another coat of paint on. Once the paint dried, I could tell that I had the nice smooth finish I was looking for.

I added some brushed nickel hardware (Drawer cup-pulls and knobs for the cabinet doors) and new brushed nickel hinges. The cup pulls that I put on the drawer fronts are the same ones that I used for the bar cabinet that I re-did last year... Check out that project HERE

The finished project really gives this piece an updated look.
Here's another look at the before and after!

Don't forget to check out the full project!
From Outdated to Farmhouse: Dining Set Makeover

 Green Butterflies

From Outdated to Farmhouse: Dining Room Set Makeover!!

A dining set project can be an immense amount of work but the payoff can be huge when it turns out just as you hoped. I had been thinking about re-doing a dining room set for a while. I had looked around for an old set that needed some love without luck. The “modern farmhouse” tables are so nice because they have great character and I really wanted a dining set that captured that style.
I stumbled upon a set that a family member was getting rid of... Here are the before pics...
The table itself has that farmhouse table feel with those thick turned legs. It looks really solid and sturdy! Perfect look and it has 2 leaves to make it bigger!

Not sure if  I need the hutch... but maybe I will be inspired once I start working.
The chairs are nice, there are 2 with arm rests and 4 without.
Here’s the base of the hutch,(or sideboard) which  I definitely wanted for storage. The drawer fronts were a little outdated with the carving patterns but I decided that I could figure that out.
The first piece of the set that I worked on was the side board. Full details HERE With my sander, I removed the finish on the top surface down to bare wood. The next step was to smooth the bare wood to a nice finish by working my way up to a fine grit sanding disk. I worked up to a 220 grit to get a nice smooth finish. 
Because it was summer and very humid, I moved on to sanding the seats of the chairs, the tabletop and the 2 leaves. Every piece that was sanded was to be stained. I wanted to wait for the humidity to drop a bit before the staining and finishing process.
This was what the finish looked like before I started sanding. It was outdated.
Here is the sideboard.

 Here are the chairs with one of the seats sanded down.
Sanding took FOREVER!!!! It felt like the sanding was going to last the rest of my life! The weather had cooled off a bit too (after weeks of spare time sanding) and finally, it was all done and it was time to move on to staining. Thank goodness!!! I chose to use a carbon gray stain. It’s pretty dark and is very cool tones the top of the table and the top of the sideboard had a lot of warmth left in the wood so this stain really toned that down and worked great.

The next step is to put a finish on the sanded areas to seal it up. I chose to use a wipe on poly. It’s got a satin finish so it is not too shiny. To apply, simply take a lint free cloth and wipe the poly on to the surface. It was really easy to do. The tabletop required more layers of poly so I did lightly sand in between coats and when the final coat was dry, buffed it to a nice sheen. OH SO SMOOTH!

Now that the staining portion was done, I moved on to the next phase which was painting. I chose to paint the rest of the surfaces with chalk paint. I used Rustoleum's chalked in country gray for the sideboard, two chairs with arms and the legs of the table. For the 4 armed chairs I used a navy blue chalk paint to match them to a cabinet that I had previously done for the dining room. You can check out that post HERE After the 4 armless chairs were painted, they got a coat of Matte finish poly-acrylic.
The rest of the surfaces that were painted gray, were then wiped with a dark gray glaze to give them a more antiqued look then finished with matte polyacrylic.
It looks absolutely amazing!!! Her are the after photos...

 Before and After comparison of the sideboard. There was a lot of steps to this piece and I will be explaining that in another post! Check that out Sideboard Upcycle

The set in the dining room!

Before & After of the table.

My little pup wanted in on the pictures. This project was a lot of work but I’m so happy with the way it turned out. Don't be afraid to give this furniture project a try!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thrift Store Finds: Bookcase to Bar Cabinet Upcycle

Thrift store Finds: Upcycled Bar Cabinet
Book Case to Bar Cabinet Upcycle!
I love finding unique furniture at the local thrift stores or garage sales. The pieces I find always need a little DIY magic and can be re-purposed into anything. Most of the time I am looking for something for a specific need, this time I was looking for a piece of furniture that my little mini-fridge could live in. I decided that it would be cool to have a bar cabinet idea, where I could hang wine glasses, store beverages in addition to hiding, I mean, housing my mini-fridge.
I came upon a beauty at the local thrift store for $40 bucks!
I got lucky that it has enough space in the bottom cabinet to house the mini-fridge while being narrow enough to fit the room it would go in.
the first thing i did was to remove the old, out-dated hardware. In the picture above, I had already removed the hardware and patched the old holes with wood filler. I then marked and drilled the holes for the new hardware I had purchased.

 The next step was to replace some of the door latches that weren't working properly. I was surprised to find new replacements at the local hardware store. they were pretty cheap too, like a buck or less depending on the size. They were easy to install because I tried to get the same size and then just put the new ones in the same spots as the old ones.
 Once the cabinet doors were working properly, I began to paint the cabinet. I chose a navy blue chalk paint. I used a brush for the detail and hard to reach areas and a small foam roller for the rest.
 Then I applied a back splash to the open part of the cabinet. I used a product that looks like tin ceiling tiles but is actually plastic. It was easy to cut to fit the cabinet, and then glued to the back using liquid nails. if you are noticing the cords coming from the top: this sweet cabinet has lights that are behind the shelves to illuminate the top 2 shelves and one light in the pull down cabinet. (love it!)
 After the paint was dry, I applied a coat of clear wax to the entire painted area. I applied the new hardware, a wine glass hanger, and moved the cabinet into the house.
 I love the way it turned out and I also love that it has lights in it! It is so much better than the mini-fridge on an old TV stand that was there before! I already have more cabinet space in my kitchen since moving all my wine glasses to the glass hanger!
Here it is with the lights off

 Here is a shot with the doors open.

the wine glass hanger.

The cute glass knobs:)

Before and after!

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Vintage Table Upcycle!

While browsing the local thrift store, I came across this cute little table and chairs set. A sweet vintage drop-leaf table with two little matching chairs. It needed a bit of work, it was painted a terrible brown. I was so excited to get started on it that I never took a before picture. :( So this is the best I have.... I took this picture after I began to sand the paint off of the table top. As you can see, the top was in bad shape. My initial plan was to just stain the top with a dark stain like "Kona", But the marks on the top were still visible after I had applied the stain so  I decided on applying a stencil to the top as well. This is something I have done before and you can see it HERE  on this piece, since it has the drop sides, I started the pattern in the middle of the table and followed it out to the edges so that the pattern flowed across the entire top.
After finishing the table top, I painted the legs with a light gray chalk paint and topped that with clear wax. Then, I distressed the legs with sandpaper for a rustic look. I repeated this process with the chairs.

It turned out awesome! I'm really happy with it. Now, I just need to find a place for it!

Green Butterflies

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Under $5 Desktop makeover with vinyl tiles

Do you have a desk or craft table that has a trashed top? I did!
This is my daughter's desk. The top is actually stained! She is very artsy and crafty and is always working on some kind of project. As you can see her desk has taken a beating and no amount of cleaning can save it.
My husband and I couldn't stand looking at it anymore! So while straightening up her room one day I had an idea!!!
Vinyl Peel and stick tiles!!!!
My Father-in-law had just given me a box that he didn't need anymore!!! Yay! So I set to work!
What you need:
• A crappy desktop
• peel and stick vinyl tiles
• utility knife
• heavy duty scissors
• pen
• ruler or straight edge
• chalk or charcoal 

I started with a full tile in the middle of the desktop and worked my way out to the sides. The tiles go on easy, peel off the paper backing and press into place. When I got to the edge, I marked the paper side of the tile with a pen so I knew where to cut. 

Then, I just cut the tile either with the utility knife or scissors.
On some of the tiles, I used the ruler to make sure my cut line was straight.

And that's it! Easy! Also super cheap! For me it was free:) The tiles I used can be bought for 39 cents a tile. I used 8 tiles so it would have cost $3.12! It only took about 30 mins to complete:) I am very happy with how it turned out and can't wait for my daughter to see it!