Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fireplace Makeover!

We have never really liked the fireplace in our family room, it really isn't our style. I don't know what you would classify our style as, but this fireplace definitely didn't fit in. So, we decided to do something about it! We didn't want to do anything major, just something simple to give it an update! Also, something that would be easy on the budget. After some researching, we decided to paint it.
 Here is our fireplace before. It is pretty much the same fireplace that the builder put in all the houses in our neighborhood. It is fine but BORING!
 2 medium sanding blocks- one for me and one for my Hubby!
 1 gallon of Behr Premium Plus Paint and Primer in one in Black Suede
A new paint brush
a roll of painters tape
We started by wiping down the wood with a damp cloth. Then, we used the sanding blocks to sand the wood. Next, we wiped everything down with a damp cloth againg to get rid of all the dust from sanding.
We taped around all of the edges. Then, we did 3 coats of the paint, letting it dry in between each coat. Then, I went back and distressed all of the edges with the sanding block to give it a worn in look.

I really like how it turned out!
Look out Kitchen Cabinets! You are next!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New purse pattern!

Just downloaded this purse pattern the other day. I have been wanting to make a new purse for a while, but was having a hard time finding one I liked. Then I saw an awesome bag on pinterest, and I had to find a pattern for it. This pattern worked out great because it was so similar to the one I like on pintrest and you can use fat quarters! Let me know what you think! I even added a little cell phone pocket on the inside!

Friday, April 13, 2012


This mustache craze has caught on at my house! My boys think that the mustache is just about the coolest thing! J says that he will have a mustache when he is 25, and G just laughs whenever he sees one. So whenever I see something with a mustache, I think of how funny my boys are about them. Like the time G tried to sprout one by grunting! When he realized that it was't working he just shrugged and said, "Not today!"
So my twin went to FL with her family over spring break and she brought me back this SWEET mustache ring! Thanks, KWeb!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baby Sundress T-shirt Refashion!

I had been hanging on to some of my daughter's old t-shirts, with the idea to make something out of them, but I didn't know what. I was about to give them away when it came to me... a sundress for my new niece! (We can't wait to meet her she is due to be born later this month!) So, I got to work!
I started by cutting the shirts into 3 inch wide strips starting from the bottom. As I got to the top of the 1st shirt I cut a wider strip. Then, I folded that strip in half width-wise, to make the "bust" area of the dress. I had to guess on how big to make it to fit around a baby, but if you have a dress or top that fits the child, you can use that as a pattern. Then, I took the remaining strips and gathered them with a loose stitch, pinned them together and sewed them up. For the straps, I just cut thinner strips from the first shrit and stitced them in place. I will adjust them when she gets here and tries it on!!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scrabble tile pillows DIY

My good friend, Andrea, came to me with an idea of making these cute pillows that she saw online. Pillows that look like scrabble tiles. We got together to make them and they turned out super cute!
She bought 4 pillow forms, fabric enough to make covers, and matching thread. I had the sewing machine ready, the cricut machine set up an we were ready to go.
First, we measured out all of our pieces. Andrea decided that she wanted to have an envelope back on the pillows so that they would be easy to remove for washing. To learn more about making an envelope back, check this out: Sew envelope back pillows!. So we cut 4 squares for the front panels, then 8 pieces for the envelope back panels. Then, we sewed them together on the machine.
Once the pillow cases were constructed, we cut out the letters on freezer paper using the cricut machine. To learn about freezer paper stenciling check this out: Freezer paper stenciling. Using the freezer paper cutouts as stencils, we sprayed the fabric paint onto the pillow covers. It took about an hour for the paint to dry. I think they turned out so awesome! Great job on a sewing project, Andrea!