Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day Gift!

My wonderful husband found this cute little statue by the dumpster in the alley at his work! He knows me too well and brought it home so I could give it some love! Thanks, Jim!!!

I showed this picture to my mom and she said' "No way! You are so lucky! I have been looking for a garden statue like that!". So, needless to say I just figured out what to give her for Mother's Day. 
It was a simple upcycle. First, I power washed it to remove all the crud and dirt. Then, I let it dry. Next, I spray painted it. Finally, I planted some flowers in the little buckets! And here it is!

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Pinterest-ing Idea! Upcycle Builder-Grade Doors!

Black doors.
Yes, black interior doors. I have seen this on Pinterest a few times and have pinned them on my "For the Home" board. Black interior doors give much need character to my home. In a neighborhood like ours, the builders just threw the houses up as fast as can be and there is so little "character" or "charm" to them. Here is what one of the doors looked like before.
The funny thing is, "character" had nothing to do with the reason I decided to paint the doors in the first place. Because the builder painted all the trim work in the house with FLAT white paint, I decided to repaint all of the trim work with a semi-gloss white paint. Much, MUCH easier to keep clean. Little by little, I have been painting the trim. When I got to the first door jamb, I realized that the new white and the old white weren't the same because the door didn't match the trim anymore! If you really look close in the "before" picture, you can see the difference in paint colors. UGH! Light bulb moment... Black Doors! I knew I pinned that idea for a reason!! Love, Love, LOVE Pinterest!
I am so pleased with the way they turned out. It looks great!