Don't Let Our Elf Be a Bad Influence on Your Elf!

At our house, the Elf on the Shelf Tradition has been going on for the past 3 years. Our Elf, Marvin, has  always just found a new spot to sit and watch the kids, but this year he has been naughty! Here are some of the things that our little elf friend has been up to....
On a date with Barbie! (Ken is not going to like this!)

The Playmobil Guys aren't thrilled with Marvin's Mischief!

Making the Kids look more distinguished with dry erase mustaches.

Sneaking the Chocolate!

Getting into the ring and getting smacked down!

A little Cirque Du Soleil!

Getting his tan on under a book light!
There were a few that I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of... Shaving in the bathroom with Dad's shaving cream all over his face, Being fabulous in Mom's costume jewelry, playing Black Jack with a roudy group of toys and hiding out in the kids' Lego fort!
Don't let Marvin be a bad influence on you Elves!