DIY: Chevron Nails!

Chevron is so popular right now! From home decor to clothing, you see it every where! Why not on Nails? 
Here is a very simple step by step on how to get this look for yourself!
Two different nail polish colors
Clear base coat and top coat
Invisible tape
Pinking shears

Step one:
Put on a base coat and let dry.

Step two:
Polish nails with your main color and let dry completely.

Step Three:
Use pinking shears to cut strips of the chevron. I did this before and cut a bunch of strips to have whenever I needed them.

Step four:
Place strips onto completely dry nail. Arrange as desired. Make sure you rub them on well, especially around the edges. Leave a bit hanging over the edge for easy removal.

Step five:
Paint a generous coat of your second color over the entire nail.

Step six:
After about a minute, remove the tape strips!

Step seven:
Let dry and give a layer of top coat!

Voila! Awesome Chevron nails that you did yourself!! The color possibilities are endless! I am having major fun with this idea.. :)
Leave a message and post a pic of your chevron nail creations! I'd love to see them!! Follow me on Bloglovin!