Under $5 Desktop makeover with vinyl tiles

Do you have a desk or craft table that has a trashed top? I did!
This is my daughter's desk. The top is actually stained! She is very artsy and crafty and is always working on some kind of project. As you can see her desk has taken a beating and no amount of cleaning can save it.
My husband and I couldn't stand looking at it anymore! So while straightening up her room one day I had an idea!!!
Vinyl Peel and stick tiles!!!!
My Father-in-law had just given me a box that he didn't need anymore!!! Yay! So I set to work!
What you need:
• A crappy desktop
• peel and stick vinyl tiles
• utility knife
• heavy duty scissors
• pen
• ruler or straight edge
• chalk or charcoal 

I started with a full tile in the middle of the desktop and worked my way out to the sides. The tiles go on easy, peel off the paper backing and press into place. When I got to the edge, I marked the paper side of the tile with a pen so I knew where to cut. 

Then, I just cut the tile either with the utility knife or scissors.
On some of the tiles, I used the ruler to make sure my cut line was straight.

And that's it! Easy! Also super cheap! For me it was free:) The tiles I used can be bought for 39 cents a tile. I used 8 tiles so it would have cost $3.12! It only took about 30 mins to complete:) I am very happy with how it turned out and can't wait for my daughter to see it!