Fireplace Makeover!

We have never really liked the fireplace in our family room, it really isn't our style. I don't know what you would classify our style as, but this fireplace definitely didn't fit in. So, we decided to do something about it! We didn't want to do anything major, just something simple to give it an update! Also, something that would be easy on the budget. After some researching, we decided to paint it.
 Here is our fireplace before. It is pretty much the same fireplace that the builder put in all the houses in our neighborhood. It is fine but BORING!
 2 medium sanding blocks- one for me and one for my Hubby!
 1 gallon of Behr Premium Plus Paint and Primer in one in Black Suede
A new paint brush
a roll of painters tape
We started by wiping down the wood with a damp cloth. Then, we used the sanding blocks to sand the wood. Next, we wiped everything down with a damp cloth againg to get rid of all the dust from sanding.
We taped around all of the edges. Then, we did 3 coats of the paint, letting it dry in between each coat. Then, I went back and distressed all of the edges with the sanding block to give it a worn in look.

I really like how it turned out!
Look out Kitchen Cabinets! You are next!