Baby Sundress T-shirt Refashion!

I had been hanging on to some of my daughter's old t-shirts, with the idea to make something out of them, but I didn't know what. I was about to give them away when it came to me... a sundress for my new niece! (We can't wait to meet her she is due to be born later this month!) So, I got to work!
I started by cutting the shirts into 3 inch wide strips starting from the bottom. As I got to the top of the 1st shirt I cut a wider strip. Then, I folded that strip in half width-wise, to make the "bust" area of the dress. I had to guess on how big to make it to fit around a baby, but if you have a dress or top that fits the child, you can use that as a pattern. Then, I took the remaining strips and gathered them with a loose stitch, pinned them together and sewed them up. For the straps, I just cut thinner strips from the first shrit and stitced them in place. I will adjust them when she gets here and tries it on!!!!