Garage Door Update!

The Garage door. For us, it is the entryway to our home. We enter and exit primarily from this door because that's how we get to the car and the car is how we get places! My question is: Why are garage doors so BLAH? They are the entryway to people's homes. I thought about this a lot. I think that is why I made over the laundry room; Because it was our "Entryway". You can check out the Laundry Room Makeover HERE  Now that the laundry room got some TLC, my attention was drawn to the "BLAH" garage door. Everything about it screamed for a makeover! The white paint was scratched and had all kids of stains, the steps- well the steps were a hot mess!  So here is what this hot mess Blah door looked like before!


Fortunately, you can't see all the ugly marks and scratches on that door! I know- That's bad! So with a little creativity and a little wandering around Home Depot, my husband and I came up with this!

It really looks so much better than before. I painted the door and the step a soft black, and the trim around the door a bright white. My husband cut the metal sheet we bought into strips with tin snips to fit the steps. Then we glued the pieces in place and tacked then in with little nails. We even found the matching switch plate covers! That's what I call garage chic! Ha!
 The best part is that a project like this is something that can be done in one afternoon and some of the materials we already had on hand like the paint! Now, I realize the rest of the garage is still just a garage... which just made my list of projects longer! I'm thinking Garage makeover in the future!! ;)