Spruce up that Naked Wall!

Last year we got with the program and bought a flat screen TV. It was a very big deal for me because I had one of those wall units that surrounded the big boxy flat screen that we had, and with that being gone I hated staring at the big NAKED wall behind the new TV. I love my new red TV table which you can check out HERE But I needed something to dress up the wall. So my husband suggested doing some kind of rock on the wall and that got the wheels turning!!!
We headed over to the home improvement store for some inspiration and we found that there was a lot of options. There is stones that can be put up with mortar and then need to be grouted, similar to tile flooring. There is stone that can be put up using mortar that doesn't need grouting. And then there is stone that can be put up using no mortar or grout but uses these "clips" instead. It all depends on the look that you are going for and the price range your budget allows. We went with the "clip" stone because we liked the look of it and we felt the application of it would be more our speed than having to mortar and grout all of the stone.
The first thing we had to do was to put up some plywood on the wall as a base for the stone. This was something that the guy at the store did not tell us. It was a good thing we called the manufacturer for some installation tips!
We had to make cuts in the stone to accommodate all of the electrical wiring. This was the most tedious part of the process because the stone is very thick! I apologize for not taking step by step pictures! I was still in a cast from my ankle surgery at this point and also very excited about this project! You can see one of the clips there that is used to secure the stone to the wall, it is the black "bracket" in the picture below.

This particular "stone" that we chose is a stone veneer that can be used indoors or out. It comes in cases that have bricks in 3 different lengths. The bricks need to be staggered in such a way that no joints will line up vertically in consecutive rows. 
The finished product!!!

Amazing! We love the new look in our family room! It really breaks up the huge naked wall.
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