Homemade Communion Veil How-to

First communion veil!
My daughter is making her First Communion this year! Super exciting so we decided that she would wear a home-made veil. I started with my supplies.
A communion veil (purchased at craft store)
A plain white head band (Also purchased at craft store)
Some white flowers and some lacey beaded ribbon or other embellishment that you like.
Curved needle
Possibly some craft glue

First, I pinned the veil where I wanted it on the headband.

Next, using a curved needle I hand sewed the veil in place. It was a little tricky because my hand sewing is not that great, but the stitches won’t be seen so it’s OK! I tried only going through the satin covering that is on the headband.

Next, I used fray check on my lace so make sure that the ends don unravel.

Then, I pinned the lace onto the headband.

Then, I stitched it into place. I used a regular needle but you could use the curved one. I also took some craft glue and dabbed it on to make sure the edges stayed down.

Then, I pinned the flowers in place and stitched them into place.

Here it is! The finished product!!

Pin It

The best part is my daughter thinks it's too pouffy at the top... so back to the old drawing board!