Marble Nail Polish!

Marble Nail Polish! I saw this awesome nail design on Pintrest! Here is the link
I totally loved this idea so I gave it a try! Here are the supplies: Various nail polishes, base coat, top coat, cup of room temp water, tape, toothpicks and some cotton balls.
Paint nails with a base coat, then with white as a base for the marble design.
Then put scotch tape around the nail so the clean up will be much easier!
Load up the brush with the first color and put a drop into the water, repeat quickly with the other colors.
Then drag atoothpick across the colors to make a design. Then dip your nail down in the water, With the nail still in the water, take another toothpick and remove the rest of the polish that is still on the water surface. Pull your finger out of the water.
Remove the tape and clean up around the edges with a cotton ball and some nail polish remover. Repeat the steps for all of the nails!
I had a fun time doing this and it was way easier than I thought it would be. I did the pink and black for my sister-in-law's baby shower! I can't wait to try some other colors!