Mercury Glass Pumpkin!

I love how mercury glass looks! I saw these at pottery barn...
Aren't they GORGEOUS?!?!
But.... they were a little $$$$ for my liking so I was on a mission!
While at the local thrift store, I stumbled upon a cute little glass pumpkin jar! I picked it up for $3.05! Sweet!
I bought some looking glass spray at the craft store with a like 6 bucks.
Then, I got to work. I washed and dried the glass pumpkin. Then, I grabbed a spray bottle of regular water. The spray sould be done on the inside of the glass to get the "mirrored" look, so I LIGHTLY spritzed the inside of the pumpkin and the lid with water. Next, I gave the inside a good coat of the looking glass spray paint and let it dry for about 10 minutes. After the drying time, I wiped the excess water dropplets out with a bit of dry paper towel. Then, I repeated the process starting with the water spritz. Keep doing this until the piece gets to the desired look!
Here is my version!