Ta-dah! The TV Table!

OMG!!! It turned out great!
I have surprised myself! The "hunk of junk" that I bought at the thrift store turned out better than I had imagined! When I brought this beauty home most of my family and friends laughed at what an eyesore it was. I heard a lot of "Well, you have your work cut out for you"!

It was definitely ugly, but I saw the potential! When I was looking the cabinet over before buying it, I noticed that there was a cord coming out of it with a plug on the end! After further inspection, I realized that it had a light "feature" that I figured since this was in pretty bad shape wouldn't work. But, it totally does work!

 On the inside of the cabinet doors, was this weird avacado green velvet! Then I realized that the velvet panels were meant to face outward!

This cabinet just kept getting better and better to me! Ha! So, I decided it had to be mine, and for fifteen bucks, why not? YES!!! It was ONLY $15!!!!!!!I could afford to put some work into this baby!
Some cleaning, this thing smelled super musty! A little sanding, almost 10 cans of spray paint, glaze and polycrylic, and a few more finishing touches and I was done. Here it is!
I laugh when I think about the fact that I spent under $100 on this piece! It is seven feet long! Let me know what you think!
Here is a close up of the "bling" knobs!
And below is a picture of the light "feature" on with the new red glass!

And here is the before and after comparison!