Framed Print Upcycle

Are you getting tired of some of the artwork around your house? I was! I have had this framed print for YEARS. It hasn't really gone with the style in this house but it was perfect in our old house. The frame on it I just love, so I could never get rid of it. So I decided to make the print go with the decor in my house by "up cycling" it!

 The idea came to me when I had a heap of extra fabric leftover from another project. I took the print out of the frame, and measured it. Then, I used those measurements to cut a piece of fabric. I then took a pencil and drew the "twig" design free handed onto the fabric. With some off- white craft paint I had on hand, I painted over my pencil drawing.

When the paint dried, I glued the fabric onto the board that the old print was on and placed it back into the frame. I am loving my new piece of artwork!
If you plan on doing this aroung your house, share a picture of your creation with me!