Laundry room Makeover Update: Install Sliding door!

The door into my Laundry room was just a regular door. It swung open into the laundry room and blocked access to the shelving behind it. Ideally a pocket door would go there, but the wall isn't deep enough to install one. so a wall mounted sliding door will do the trick. I found the hardware for this door system here: Sliding Door Track & Hardware

OK, It's not a great picture of the track but I was so excited to get the door up I was rushing to do the pics! I mounted the track to a flat piece of door jamb moulding.You can see the first step of the make over here: New Floor

I took the door out to the garage and painted it a robin's egg blue color. The pictures really don't show the vibrance of the color. Then I gave it a layer of glaze that was tinted with brown. I was going for that barn door feel and I think it turned out great.

I added hardware to the hole left by the doorknob that I removed.
Then, I attached the sliding door hardware to the top of the door and slid the door into the track. After some adjustments, the door works like a charm: Keeping noise out of the rest of the house while closed and saving space while open.

After looking at it for a few days, I decided to get some handles for the door. I think these dress it up nicely!