No-Sew Leprechaun's Gold Shamrock Shirt DIY

Sham-Rockin'!!!  Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day! It is fun to join in the spirit of this holiday by dressing the part. I wanted something different this year and I knew that a DIY project was in order. I found this old shirt in my closet and I thought it could use a little Shamrock BLING!!!
So I took a little trip to the local craft store and picked up some supplies. I grabbed some gold thread (which I ended up not even needing) and a couple of rolls of gold sequin trim. I already had some fabric glue and I printed out the shamrock shape that I had imagined for the front. The best part of this is that there is NO SEWING REQUIRED! This project can be finished in about an hour or less and needs 12-24 hours to dry.
Start by putting the printed out shamrock shape inside the shirt. Then, position it right where you'd like it. I put mine right in the center of the chest. 
Once the shamrock is in place, use the fabric glue to make an outline by tracing the shape. Take the sequin ribbon and start placing it in a single line on the fabric glue.
Continue by glueing the sequin trim around the inside until it is all filled in evenly.

I filled in the shamrock shape completely and used about a roll and a half of the trim I bought. (About 6 yards) 
Then, I made sure that the paper shape was not stuck to the inside of the shirt but left the paper inside so the shirt wouldn't stick to itself as it dried.

Next, just let it dry! I'm loving how it looks already! It will look great with a green cardigan or a cute rainbow scarf!!