Window Valance. Easy Beginner Sew Project!

Window Valance Project!
The time had come for some new window treatments in my daughter's room. The bedding that she has is brightly colored so we wanted to choose something that wasn't to overpowering.  She and I decided to make a valance for her window. We went to the fabric store together and she picked out all the supplies for the project! She is a "tween" now and it is good for her to put her own stamp on her room.
A valance is an easy sewing project for beginners in my opinion because basically you are just sewing straight lines!
To get started, she chose a light green fabric. To determine our width we measured the window and multiplied the width by 3. She wanted the valance to be full. I suppose if you didn't want very much fullness that you could multiply by 2 or 2.5. The fabric was not as wide as we needed for our window so we stitched the sections together, right sides facing, until we had the width we needed.
 Next, I hemmed the bottom of the valance. This was done by folding up the bottom evenly. I used a ruler as I went along the bottom to pin it. Then, I ironed the fold nice and flat.
Then, I sewed a straight line along the fold to secure it.

I repeated this step along the top edge but I made the fold much larger, large enough for the curtain rod to pass through.
Next, I lined up the embellishment along the bottom edge. I pinned it in place and sewed along the bottom edge then the top edge to secure it.

Finally, we hung it up! My daughter is  super excited about the way it looks and she loves the idea of having her own personality in her room!

Let me know what you think! And share your projects with me:)
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