Smoothing Treatment for Frizzy or Curly Hair

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What's a smoothing treatment?
Do you have curly hair? Is your hair frizzy? Does it lack shine? Is your curly hair unmanageable? Does just the thought of blowing out your curly hair make you want to scream? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a smoothing treatment may be right for you!
For those of you who have not heard, A Smoothing Treatment is safe and can eliminate up to 95% of frizz while making curly hair more manageable. It is guaranteed to leave the hair healthier, stronger, and smoother while adding amazing shine. This can last for up to four months. So the big question... Does it work?  The answer is YES!!!! All I can say is WOW! I honestly did not believe that this product could deliver, but it did! The soft smooth look that the hair has after this process is more than AMAZING! The shine is unreal, like glass! The client can't stop touching it! While it is not a straightener, it has delivered great curl reduction so far on the clients I have seen. The clients have raved about how quickly they are able to blow their hair out straight. They are able to do it quickly, and barely need to flat iron to achieve a smooth look! I think I may be doing this on my hair in the near future!!!